Rocky Horror Pastie Show

Thursday October 26th Miss Kennedy Brings “The Rocky Horror Pastie Show” triumphantly back to The Star Theater in Portland!

Now in its seventh year The Rocky Horror Pastie Show has become a tradition amoung Rocky Horror and burlesque fans alike.

In case you missed us before and especially if you didn’t you’ll truly be shivering with anticipation as we bring you a live stage adaptation of Rocky Horror with a little less dialogue and a LOT more T&A.

Zora Phoenix as Frank N Furter
Romeo Bedwell as Rocky
Alex Kennedy as Columbia
Lily Le Fauve as Dr. Scott
Dee Dee Pepper as Eddie
Grant Frey as Brad Majors
Mamie Demure as Janet Weiss
and more!

And be sure to break out your fishnets, pearls, and platforms so you can walk away with some fancy prizes from our Rocky Horror costume contest!