Witt Lowry Hip Hop

Witt Lowry may have graduated with a degree in graphic design, but it wasn’t until he decided to rap for a career that he found his true passion. Mark Laurence Richard, Jr. chose his stage name as a combination of the word “witty” and a spin on his middle name. Naturally, his rhymes conveyed quick wit and clever phrases (as he wanted his moniker to suggest). His speedy manic delivery mirrored the crassest and most puerile Eminem (in his early days), while at the heart of his music, the focus on a hopeful message and indie D.I.Y. spirit reflected that of Macklemore. With gritty, urgent, and powerfully confessional rhymes, Lowry breathlessly spat cutting lines aimed at spreading hope to his fans, therapy for himself, and some sophomoric boasting for good measure. His first mixtape — Headphone Hero — was followed by Kindest Regards in 2013, both of which were released for free on social media. Dreaming with Our Eyes Open was released in 2015 and focused on songs about life and the dreams that can be achieved.


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Wednesday November 1, 2017
8pm // All Ages // $13.50
Peter's Room (Roseland)
Ro Ransom

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