Wizard Rifle Progressive Metal

WIZARD RIFLE are a two piece progressive metal act consisting of Sam FORD (vocals, drums) and Max DAMERON (vocals, guitars) from Portland, Oregon, USA founded in early 2010. They released a demo tape in 2010, ”Kitties and Pie!!!”, before being signed to Seventh Rule Records for their debut LP ”Speak Loud Say Nothing” in March of 2012.

WIZARD RIFLE’s playing style is comparable to tech groups of a similar setup, such as HELLA or BEHOLD… THE ARCTOPUS, but that’s where the comparisons end. While often very techy and noodly, their sound draws heavily from a number of different genres of rock and metal, with heavy tribute paid to stoner and doom rock legends like BLACK SABBATH and ELECTRIC WIZARD with equal amounts of worship for sludgy fuzz rockers like THE MELVINS or BIG BUSINESS and sharp noise rock a la SONIC YOUTH or SHELLAC. Despite the strong influence from untraditionally progressive rock and metal bands, the band still manages to create a unique and lively sound of their own that earns its stripes among the ranks of the hybrid metal acts on ProgArchives, and is recommended for fans of the stranger side of progressive metal.